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Why Choose GTO Wizard?

GTO Wizard is a powerful poker software designed to help players of all levels master Game Theory Optimal strategies. Its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and regular updates make it the go-to choice for those looking to improve their game.

What GTO Wizard offers

GTO Wizard is a comprehensive poker software that helps players improve their game through three main categories: Study, Practice, and Analyze.

In the Study category, GTO Wizard focuses on allowing players to study any spot from preflop to river, analyze board frequencies, receive live coaching from professional poker players, and follow structured GTO lessons.


Study any spot you want


Study board frequencies


Live coaching with pros

Study plans

Structured GTO Lessons

The Practice category offers features such as playing against a GTO opponent, practicing range construction, managing training drills, reviewing practiced hands and sessions, and monitoring overall performance.


Play vs GTO opponent

Range builder

Pratice range construction


Manage train ing drills


Review praticed hands


Review praticed sessions


Overall performance

Lastly, the Analyze category enables players to upload and analyze their games, as well as study analyzed hands to refine their strategies and enhance their performance at the poker table.


Analyze your game


Study analyzed hands

Access GTO Wizard Anywhere

With a mobile app available for Android and iOS, you can analyze your play and study GTO strategies on-the-go, ensuring continuous improvement no matter where you are.

Try GTO Wizard for Free

Not ready to commit to a subscription? No problem! GTO Wizard offers a free version, allowing you to experience its powerful features before upgrading to a premium plan.

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